Creating a More Just Society for Our Children


Dr. Sheila Palevsky and her husband, Joe Ingram, want to build a more equitable world—so they made an estate gift to the AAP.

For almost 40 years, the American Academy of Pediatrics has served as a professional home, a family, and a passion for Sheila Palevsky, MD, MPH, FAAP.

Former AAP President Lou Cooper, MD, FAAP, introduced Dr. Palevsky to the Academy. Dr. Cooper believed that every pediatrician should advocate for children and the profession of pediatrics. He taught his young colleagues how to do so through the AAP, which Dr. Palevsky has continued ever since.

With roles ranging from an executive committee member in the Section on Epidemiology, Public Health, and Evidence (SOEPHE) to the AAP National Nominating Committee to New York Chapter 3 President, Dr. Palevsky dedicated countless hours to the Academy’s work for children. She sees the Academy’s role in public health as crucial to creating a just, equitable, and nurturing society for children and families.

Dr. Palevsky met her husband, Joe Ingram, at a wine-tasting event. They bonded over good wine and soon realized they shared a passion for active travel, especially biking and hiking. They have spent much of their married life exploring art, culture, music, food, and wine.

Dr. Palevsky and Joe also share a desire to build a more equitable world, which led them to choose the AAP as the recipient of an estate gift. When considering her legacy, Dr. Palevsky states: “Of course we thought of the Academy. It has been my home for so many years, and I trust that the Academy will do the right thing for children.”

Like Dr. Palevsky, you can support a better future for children and families through a gift in your estate plan. Contact Jill Taylor at or 630/626-6033 to learn more.