A Commitment to Make Things Better for Children

Kathy Nichol

Kathy Nichol has been a loyal and generous annual donor, and has included the AAP in her Will.

Dr. Kathryn Nichol has cultivated a lifelong connection to the Academy, seeing firsthand how pediatricians make things better for children.

As a young practicing pediatrician, she was prompted by the AAP Wisconsin Chapter president to attend an injury prevention workshop. That connection led to spearheading infant car seat safety in Madison. She gathered a key group of people to develop the program, which became the prototype for infant car seat programs in every birthing hospital in Wisconsin.

AAP service included Wisconsin Chapter president, district chair, board member, and chair of the Committee on Development. She respects and trusts AAP leadership and decision-makers, and expresses great admiration for staff. The more she has been involved, the more firmly she believes that the AAP is a strong organization doing remarkable work. “The more you do, the more you realize how valuable the Academy is,” she says.

A loyal annual donor to the Friends of Children Fund, she appreciates what faithful giving can do for children. She also included the AAP in her Will. This legacy commitment was a decision that she and her late husband, Gerald (Buzz), made together. Dr. Nichol describes him as a tremendously supportive spouse, and when this opportunity was presented to support child health with a legacy gift, he wholeheartedly agreed.

“Money given to the Academy is leveraged for so much more,” she says. Dr. Nichol’s commitment to pediatrics is a testament to her commitment to children, and her legacy gift to the AAP will help sustain the mission for children.

Like Dr. Nichol, you can support a healthier future for children through a gift in your estate plan. Contact Jill Taylor at jtaylor@aap.org or 630/626-6033 to learn more.